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Since childhood, we've been asked a simple question, yet one that carries our big dreams: What do you want to be when you grow up? Answers may vary, but most share the common phrase, "I want to become a doctor."

What's the secret behind the passion for a medical career? Is it the white coat worn by doctors? Is it the influence of parents or family's wishes? Or perhaps it's the heroic image of doctors seen in cartoons, where they save people's lives?

But in reality, some aspire to pursue the dream of medicine for reasons that go beyond all these factors. Some see in medicine a boundless humanity and an unlimited capacity for giving.

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed, one of the heroes of our inspiring stories on Zayed The Inspirer platform, tirelessly worked to harness his profession in the serve of humanity above all else. He launched his initiative, 'Ahmed's Humanitarian Project,' aimed at helping hundreds of critically ill and complex cases. This initiative starts with doctors waiving their fees for patients who cannot afford treatment and extends to raising donations to save many lives.

From Dr. Ahmed’s story, we conclude the following: “Be whatever you want, but never forget to be truly human, to help others, and to spread happiness. Regardless of your profession or field, you can be a source of inspiration and hope for those in need."

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