About Zayed

The Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may Allah bless his soul), Founder of the UAE, was a great visionary role model and an inspiration to many leaders and community members. He stood for world peace and cooperation among nations and people for the sake of humanity. A man who thrived on overcoming obstacles no matter how hard, he was and will forever remain a source of inspiration for every individual who wishes to translate his dreams and ambitions into reality. His visions had no limit that even the desert sands could not stand in his way of achieving his objectives. It is for his great vision and foresight, that the seven different emirates became unified and set the course for the stratospheric growth of the UAE, a country that has earned a global stature and achieved record progress and prosperity in a short span of time. The Late Sheikh Zayed has taught people that inspiration creates opportunities; and that opportunities are the key component in the journey of determination towards success.

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A Global Inspiration Platform - “Zayed The Inspirer”, was launched celebrate the legacy of the UAE founder and inspirational leader (1928-2018). Its purpose is to serve as a global platform to share inspirational success stories from around the world.