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"Zayed Talk" is an event designed by the Global Inspiration Platform: Zayed The Inspirer, as the first-of-its-kind dialogue event in the region that aims to stimulate motivation and spread inspiration globally.


Can you imagine flying an airplane without arms? It is possible. World's first armless pilot Jessica Cox, in her Zayed Talk, explains how to “Achieve the Impossible” because if she can, you can too.


“Zayed Talk” features local and international speakers from various disciplines, backgrounds and parts of the world tackling different topics. Their short and powerful talks are tailored towards fostering inspiration, overcoming challenges, sparking connection, and empowering people to pursue their dreams.

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Nahla Al Muhairi

Founder, Beyond Studios

Aside from being an Emirati TV director, Nahla has held many positions such as Head of Events at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi and Head of Radio and Television Projects at Arab Media Group AMG.

Jessica Cox

World's First Armless Pilot

Despite having been born without arms due to a rare birth defect, Jessica is best known for becoming the first armless pilot in aviation history and first armless black-belter in the American Taekwondo Association.

Mike Zeller

Business Architect

Michael Zeller, a contributor to Forbes Magazine and a Business Architect who founded 12 companies and generated nearly $300M in total sales.

Unlock your hidden potential, ignite the fire of ambition and inspiration, and become a motivation for those around you and for the world.
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