Take it easy


Imagine that at any point time in your life, you can access any of these experiences you wish to have: joy, happiness, anger, sadness, peace, surprise. That’s not how the reality is, right? 

Usually, we think that people with whom we interact and external circumstances affect our state of mind. But what if we can access any state of mind depending upon our will, no matter the external situations, no matter what someone else talks about us?

So with this state of mind, you could attain peace and ease-fulness at any moment. This ease is available at any moment. We only need to be willing to access it.

Switch on your ‘Easy Mode’

You don’t have to do anything out of the world to live life in ‘Easy Mode’. Here are a few things that will make your life so much easier: 

One thing at a time: Doing just one thing at a time helps to remember more, get more done in less time and de-stress. It’s such a simple approach, but we forget it so often.

Rest & self-care: Always prioritize taking rest from your busy schedule so that you’re not constantly exhausted. Practising self-care generates positive feelings, which boosts motivation and self-esteem.

Life is simple, don’t complicate it: To live a simple life is to accept life as is. We often overcomplicate things. Adopt the simplest ways to approach the things you have in front of you. Avoid adding extra layers of suffering. 

The truth is that life isn’t going to be a cakewalk all the time. There’ll be hard times and heartbreaks. We can’t worry about every little thing that runs through our life. Not everything will work according to you. So focus on what matters to you and forget everyone else’s opinion. 

The more we avoid complicating our lives, the easier it will be for us to accomplish anything that comes our way. Life on ‘Easy Mode’ is flow. It’s a tai chi sequence. It’s smooth and fluid and lovely.