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Life is not devoid of challenges.

The measure of success is the number of challenges overcome.

In moments of difficulty, willpower emerges as a driving force that enables us to achieve the impossible.
It is the fire that ignites within us, urging us to face challenges with courage.
We can view challenges as cornerstones in the construction of our success.
Each challenge strengthens our endurance and innovation, reinforcing our determination to achieve goals.

 the impossible

Turning failure into success

Success is not possible without experiencing moments of failure.
It is not the end of the road but the beginning of a new chapter that leads us towards creativity and transformation.
When facing failure, we have an opportunity to gain valuable lessons. Our resilience and adaptability determine how we can turn these tough moments into opportunities for success.
The success stories of individuals in the UAE highlight how experiences of failure can be transformed into inspiring success stories.


People of Determination, a symbol of success

People of Determination in the UAE are a living symbol of strong will and the ability to achieve success despite all difficulties.
By turning challenges into opportunities, they raise the flag of inspiration in the face of adversity.
The history of People of Determination in the UAE is characterized by the determination to achieve success.
They know how to turn obstacles into learning lessons and how to make their challenges a platform for excellence.
We live a life marked by the imprints of success; we must embrace the spirit of determination and will. It forms the bridges that enable us to reach the impossible and achieve dreams that may seem out of reach.

 people of determination

We were not and will not be those who sleep on the silk of success, lean on the brilliance of achievements, or think that the journey forward can continue with self-propelled force.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum"

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