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Between Leadership and Renaissance

Leadership is a concept synonymous with renaissance. It is born with individuals who choose to be pioneers of change, offering the best they have to their country and society.

Zayed's Approach

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, was a symbol of inspirational leadership and offered us great lessons. His approach is rich with the meanings and methods of true leadership, which cannot be summarized in words but are lessons sought by everyone who chooses leadership as a way of life.


Skills of a Leader

A leader possesses qualities summarized in high self-confidence, effective communication skills, the ability for personal creativity, and building a positive and safe environment where individuals find space to express their uniqueness and achieve contributions that elevate the renaissance of society.


Sultan Al Neyadi: Ambition and Leadership

Among many examples of individuals who have mastered the art of leadership, the star of His Excellency Sultan Al Neyadi shines brightly. He embodies the traits of an ambitious man who pursued his personal dream and the ambition of the UAE to ascend to space, and then as the Minister of State for the Youth in the UAE government and a leader of their ambition.


Watch the video of His Excellency Sultan Al Neyadi on the Instagram page of Zayed The Inspirer

If you do not have faith in your dream or are not ready for the opportunity to achieve it, it will be impossible

Sultan Al Neyadi

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