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The features of our lives

None of us decided their name, family, place of birth, or the challenges that come with it.

Define the path of your life

However, how to deal with these challenges and determine the course of your life is your decision.

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Haneen Altamimi and Tourette Syndrome

Haneen Altamimi is one of those for whom challenges were written since she came into the world, diagnosed with the rare Tourette Syndrome. She endured bullying in various forms and from different ages, to the point where she found solace in isolation, relying on herself, minimizing the impact, and navigating the maze of surrender.

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Confrontation is a decision

The pivotal moment came that was capable of turning Hanin's life upside down after she read a book that made her realize she deserves life and joy, deserves happiness and love despite the differences with those around her. She embarked on a journey to confront every bully, spreading awareness about Tourette's syndrome, until she became a source of inspiration for anyone facing a challenge.

Watch Haneen Altamimi’s video on Zayed The Inspirer’s Instagram account

Do not set specific standards for people in order to accept them into society.

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Do not set specific standards for people in order to accept them into society.

Haneen Altamimi
Influencer has Tourette Syndrome

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